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Baby Bath Herbs & Herbal Washcloth


Comforting and gentle blend of organic botanicals that soothes the skin and helps relax fussy babies. Creates a calming bath before bed or nap time. The herb-filled bag can also be used as a gentle washcloth.

Great for tollders or anyone with sensitive skin!


1 bag contains enough tea to make approx 6 relaxing baby abths or 3-4 soothing adult baths.


Reusable cotton muslin bag is included.


Directions: Fill muslin bag with 1/4 cup herbs and add to babys warm bath water. Squeeze the bag to release the botanical essence. The Herbal bag can be used as a gentle washcloth, with or without soap, it can also be used as a compress on irriated skin. When finished, empty and rinse the bag, and allow to dry.


Ingredients: Steel Cut Oats, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Lavender


If you experience any discomfort, please discontinue use immediately and gift what's left to a friend.  For external use only, do not ingest.


Baby Bath Herbs & Herbal Washcloth

  • Because my products aren't made with synthetic ingredients, they're not made to last forever!  This product should be used within 1 year from purchase date.  

    *These statements have not been evaulated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, or prevent any diseases.  The information provided is for educational purposes only.  For health care advice, please consult your Primary Care Physician or other health care professional.


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