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Winters Warm Embrace Soap


Winters Warm Embrace is a true indulgence for your senses, combining the spicy allure of cinnamon, chipotle, and cayenne with the invigorating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. The heart of the fragrance reveals the comforting essence of hot chocolate and the soothing touch of nutmeg, reminiscent of sipping on a steaming cup of cocoa by the fireplace.


Product Features:

  • Cold processed to retain the natural benefits of the ingredients

  • Warm mix of cinnamon, chipotle, cayenne, coffee beans, hot chocolate, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla extract, and sugar

  • Perfect for indulging in the comforting embrace of winter

  • Ideal as a thoughtful gift for loved ones seeking cozy and soothing experiences.


Enjoy the heartwarming delight of Winters Warm Embrace soap and allow yourself to be whisked away to a fireside retreat on a chilly winter's day. Let the aromatic blend of cinnamon, coffee, cocoa, and soothing spices envelop your senses and create a delightful shower experience, perfect for embracing the cozy warmth of winter.


*This is a seasonal item, once they are sold out they are no longer available to purchase! Very limited quantities! 


*Want more than just one bar? Check out our Special Pricing listing, 5 bars for $25!


Ingredients: Olive Oil, Soybean and Cottonseed Oils, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Fragrance Oil, Cocoa Powder, Titanium Dioxide


Approx Net Weight: 4 oz



*Please note: There is a limited stock of each of our soaps, and they take approximately 4-5 weeks to fully cure, if you see your favorite soap is out of stock and would like to preorder, just send me a message and I will be glad to make more right away! If you experience any discomfort, please discontinue use immediately and gift what's left to a friend. For external use only, do not ingest.

Winters Warm Embrace

  • Because my products aren't made with synthetic ingredients, they're not made to last forever!  This product should be used within 1 year from purchase date.  

    *These statements have not been evaulated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, or prevent any diseases.  The information provided is for educational purposes only.  For health care advice, please consult your Primary Care Physician or other health care professional.

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